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Quality web content allows you to develop a strong relationship with your audience as well as establish your position as an authority in your field.

My primary objective is to keep your audience engaged and informed about their topics of interest. Whether it be in the form of web pages, blog posts, articles, newsletters, or social media posts, it all boils down to making the proper connections with your audience. The most effective way to promote yourself these days is to address the burning questions of your followers. This is what I’d like to provide for you.


Skill Acquisition and Habit Changing Made Simple

In recent years, there has been much public interest in methodologies for acquiring new skills or changing habits. Often, you will find advice online about how to go about the process of creating these changes, but little explanation of what makes these changes possible. What I would like to do, is provide you with an explanation of how the process of skill acquisition and/or habit changing works within the brain, without getting too technical. Myelin

Cultivating Mindfulness: Meditation as a Practical Tool

  Meditation is unfairly stigmatized among many circles in the Western world. When you utter the word, people often have this mental image of Buddhist monks sitting in a quiet room, meditating for hours at a time. It’s assumed by many that meditation is “clearing the mind”, or reaching a state where the meditator literally isn’t thinking at all. People that hold this misconception often liken meditation to escapism. There is also the notion that

The Blue Zone Lifestyle: A Guide to Healthy Aging

For many years, medical researchers have tried to identify the ‘secrets’ to healthy aging and longevity. So called Blue Zones, or regions where people tend to live very long, are of great interest to doctors and nutritionists. As more research has been conducted over the years, consistencies were noted among cultures that are very distant and different from one another. Furthermore, diets such as The Mediterranean Diet and The Okinawa Diet have become popular in